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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Looking for Luxury Vinyl Tile or LVT in Kona Hawaii? Flooring Direct Kona offers a wide variety of the highest quality LVT on the Big Island of Hawaii. Visit our showroom today to see our large selection of LVT flooring.

We here at Flooring Direct Kona have voted Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) the best new product of the decade and we see it surging ahead of the competition; traditional floor coverings such as natural wood floorboards and porcelain or ceramic tiles are quickly becoming left behind as our customers clamor for more and more of this amazing LVT floor covering.

Our suppliers enable us to be very competitively priced here in Kailua-Kona and we like to pass the savings we receive from our suppliers directly on to our customers. We realize our customers have choices when the question of where to purchase their flooring comes up. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how working with Flooring Direct will save you money and greatly enhance your flooring experience with our own special brand of personal attention! LVT or Planking is the perfect solution for any room where you would lay natural wood, stone or tile. Aside from its remarkably lifelike looks, LVT makes a great choice for any room because of its near indestructibility and durability. Even a room you would be hesitant to floor with natural wood, such as the bathroom, can now take a wood grain finish because LVT is almost indestructible! It is also waterproof, mildew and stain resistant.

Wood grain and natural stone are not the only finishings Flooring Direct offers its customers. There are LVT in vibrant colors and intriguing patterns which offer you the same level of durability, indestructibility, waterproofing, mildew and stain resistance.

Construction of LVT

  • Backing

    The bottom layer of laminate flooring is composed of melamine plastic which strengthens and stabilizes the planks and helps guard against moisture seeping up from below.

  • Mid-Layer

    This layer is constructed of Durable PVC which lends the tiling it’s indestructible durability.

  • Decorative Layer

    A decorative layer, typically printed from a high-resolution photograph of wood grain, natural stone or laminate tile pattern, is adhered to the top of the PVC core, giving the floor it’s remarkably realistic hardwood or stone appearance.

Installation Techniques

Interlocking: Where the edges of the tiles are notched, fitting together utilizing a slot system or fitting together in a tongue and groove way.

Loose Lay: In loose lay, no adhesives are used. Each tile is coated with materials that use friction to grip the subfloor. The tiles are heavy and thick and will not shrink or expand like natural wood so you can lay them directly against the wall and skip the expansion gaps. The floor boards exert pressure in two directions effectively locking the tiles or panels in place preventing any movement.

Interested in LVT for your flooring needs? We can help.